For Earth Day, the architecture and design blog DesignCrave assembled a great compilation of the 30 best environmental advertising campaigns. From melting polar bears (by famed artist Kawano Takeshi) to flooded skyscrapers, a water "mushroom cloud" to the most impactful paper towel dispenser ever devised, these works of art/media/design will change the way you think about the environment (and your relationship to it). 

Though a little off topic for technology, it is about engineering... the engineering of public perception, which I'm coming to believe may be just about the most important thing we can do! See the whole gallery of ads posted by Mike Payne on DesignCrave.

One of my favs from a few years back. Diesel attempted to overcome the totally "uncool" stigma attached to most global warming campaigns by carelessly positioning two sexy models in front of a flooded Manhattan skyline. This campaign drew the ire of most tree huggers (including Tree Hugger) but I defended it, suggesting that political incorrectness might just be the best way to get the issues addressed without them being dismissed as more eco-hysteria. 

Speaks for itself -- pure genius from WWF!

UNICEF changes the way you think about water.

A WWF project in China. They actually had this giant balloon fabricated then inflated it in front of several public buildings using car exhaust.

Thanks to @chimpanjonas for spotting this one!

Top 30 Earth Day ads
DesignCrave has assembled a stunning collection of the best Earth Day ads fit not to print.