Automotive transportation is our single largest impact on the environment, contributing an estimated 25% of greenhouse gases in the US.  So the quickest way for a person to dramatically reduce their impact on the environment is to switch to a PEV, Personal Electric Vehicle.  Of all the PEV's on the market, Vectrix ES has certainly delivered the sexiest.

The company recently unveiled its 2009 VX-1 (now available in 6 flashy colors), which reaches top speeds of 62 MPH and can go up to 52 miles on a single charge.  And the Vectix's innovative battery pack and multi-function throttle, give this vehicle the power that is missing in most EV's.  All that with next to zero emissions.

The Vectrix is also unbelievable affordable to operate (less than a penny per mile).  Below is a cost/impact comparison between the Vectrix and both a standard auto and motorcycle:

Typical automobile driver: 26 miles/day @ 19.7 MPG (weighted national average) = 1.32 gal/day x  19.6 lbs CO2/gal = 25.9 lbs CO2/day x 30 days = 776 lbs CO2/month. At $4/gal that’s $158.40 per month.

Typical gasoline motorcycle: 26 miles/day @ 48 MPG (estimated average) = .5 gal/day x  19.6 lbs CO2/gal = 25.9 lbs CO2/day x 30 days = 294 lbs CO2/month. At $4/gal that’s $60 per month.

Vectrix electric motorcycle: 26 miles/day = 1.85 Kwh (half a charge)/day x 1.35 lbs CO2/Kwh (the national average) = 2.5 lbs CO2/day x 30 days = 75 lbs CO2/month. @ 10.7 cents/kWh = $5.94 per month!

The difference is 701 lbs CO2/month between a regular car and a Vectrix. For most Americans, his would mean a reduction of more than 90% of a typical automotive impact, reducing an individual's environmental impact by 22.5%, and saving about $1800 per year.  The vehicle costs about $10,000 so in just about 5 1/2 years, it would pay for itself.

The Vectrix also has greatly reduced  SO2 and particulate emissions, as well as oil and other pollutants associated with combustion engines.  It’s important to note that many states are far better in their electricity grid than the average.  For instance, the Washington power grid only generates .25 lbs CO2 per kWh.  In that state, the Vectrix driver's CO2 impact would be almost negligible.

Check out the very cool Vectrix website.  You can calculate your savings, and interact with a virtual bike which explains all the components.

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