If you were thinking that this past winter —a relentless and brutal winter in which the phrase "polar vortex" became water cooler fodder — would result in a skeeter-free summer, sadly, you were wrong. Mosquitoes will indeed be crashing your summer BBQ as usual, they'll just be a bit delayed. So brace yourself for that.

And while a scourge of these blood-sucking nuisances can certainly put a damper on your summertime activities, do keep in mind that in other parts of the world mosquitoes aren't just annoying — they're a massive threat to public health. Take for instance Sri Lanka where, in 2013 alone, over 30,000 residents were infected with dengue fever, a dangerous and debilitating viral disease spread via bites from the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

As part of a public awareness campaign launched to promote awareness of the dengue epidemic — and how to ward off the tropical disease's carriers — the Sri Lanka office of American advertising behemoth Leo Burnett installed a series of informative posters coated with mosquito-repelling citronella essence at heavily trafficked bus stops. And then, in observance of this year's vector-borne disease-themed World Health Day (April 4), Leo Burnett partnered with Sinhala-language newspaper Mawbima to introduce Sri Lanka — and the world — to an innovative first: a mosquito-repelling newspaper.

Printed with inks infused with citronella, both the morning and evening World Health Day editions of Mawbima proved to be bona fide hits: Despite an increased print run, the morning edition was sold out by 10 am with sales increasing by 30 percent —a readership boost of roughly 300,000 people.

Do watch the above video from Leo Burnett for more on the groundbreaking campaign.

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