It might come as a surprise to most Americans that conservative political forces in Denmark strongly back climate regulation. As the ACES climate bill proved, attitudes toward climate legislation in the U.S. are still highly partisan -- the right arguing that it will somehow endanger the foundation of modern capitalism.

How is that conservatives in Denmark are so strongly supportive of the climate when their counterparts in the U.S. seem dedicated to thwart every attempt to move the climate debate forward?

Matthew Yglesias of the Center for American Progress posed this question to Connie Hedegaard, the Danish minister of Climate and Energy, and her response was enlightening:

1. In Denmark, 30 years of industry has developed around energy independence.
2. Preserving natural resources is considered a conservative value.
3. The political consensus in Europe sees climate as pro-growth, not anti-growth.

Here is her explanation:

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Why conservatives back climate regulation in Denmark
Connie Hedegaard, the Danish Minister of Climate & Energy, explains why conservatives embrace climate regulation in Denmark.