Just a few years ago, Denmark used more coal per capita than China. So despite the fact that the country leads the world in clean energy production, the government's climate ministry is well aware that Denmark, more than any other country, has to step up its carbon game.

In many ways "all eyes are on Denmark," not just because the country is hosting the COP15 climate talks this December, but because it has committed itself to a path of true carbon neutrality, a path that (hopefully) other countries will follow.  

On our blogger tour of Denmark last month, we ran into a TV crew from ABC.net Australia while visiting the carbon neutral island of Samso. They produced a great TV show featuring reporter Marc Corcoran on Denmark's challenges as it makes its way to becoming the first carbon zero country.

Check it out on ABC.net.au. If you stay towards the end you'll see my brief cameo.

Winds of Change in Denmark
Australia ABC's in-depth look at how Denmark is going carbon neutral. I make a brief cameo so watch the whole thing!