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15 bizarre green inventions

By: Laura Moss on Feb. 25, 2011, 10:35 a.m.
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3-D food printer

Scientists at Cornell University are developing a commecial 3-D food printer known as a “FabApp” that could one day allow you to print your meals off the Internet using raw-food “ink.” The printer is limited to ingredients that can be extracted from a syringe, but researchers say they’ve had success creating chocolate, cake and cookies.

Pretty soon the FabApp may become as common as the microwave, a development that would have huge environmental benefits. Chef Homaro Cantu told the BBC, “You can imagine a 3-D printer making homemade apple pie without the need for farming the apples, fertilizing, transporting, refrigerating, packaging, fabricating, cooking, serving and the need for all of the materials in these processes like cars, trucks, pans, coolers, etc."