Nothing adds a little class to a dinner party like a fancy folded napkin. Enhance the atmosphere of any dining experience and watch your friends marvel at your domestic dexterity. With a few simple folds, you can transform the most basic meal into elegant entertainment. Put your tabletop talents on display with the help of these five videos.

The Slide Fold: Create a 3-dimensional diamond to welcome your dining companions in style.

The Mountain Fold: Two simple steps will elevate the napkin slightly to give your table a clean, modern look.

The French Fold: With the layered look of fine feathers, this fold is European chic.

The Pyramid Fold: A classic in restaurants, this standing pyramid can be mastered in just four simple steps.

The Crown Fold: Your guests will feel like royalty when they see a table lined with crowns.

Elegant entertaining: 5 napkin folds anyone can master
Add a touch of class to your next dinner party with the help of these simple napkin-folding videos.