Believing that strong communities make life better for its employees, neighbors and customers, Georgia-Pacific created the Georgia-Pacific Foundation in 1958 to support community-based programs, volunteer projects, and other initiatives.

As this video demonstrates, two such programs strive to enhance the future of those communities by providing schoolchildren with enrichment opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

For “Science Saturdays,” a monthly program at E.L. Bouie Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia, GP employee and parent volunteers work with kids on projects such as building and launching water-pressure rockets, with the aim of getting them excited about science.

At Crossett Middle School in Arkansas, a program called “Girls Engaged in Engineering” takes a similar approach by showing young girls how science and engineering can be fun. Activities have included using “no-bake” chocolate cookies to model asphalt for a lesson in civil engineering and studying the design process by and making dresses out of toilet paper.

“It exposes these kids to things that they would not otherwise see. It provides a safe environment for them to experiment,” said one Lithonia parent and volunteer, adding that both of his kids’ science grades have improved and they look forward to Science Saturdays. “It just helps them to have a healthy love for learning and a healthy love for learning science.”

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Science Saturdays and Girls Engaged in Engineering
The Georgia-Pacific Foundation brings the wonders of science and engineering to kids