Ever wonder if the plastic packaging on your favorite household items is recyclable? Wonder no more, as How2Recycle has created a new, easy-to-understand system for items that are recyclable. Look for the new labels on your favorite products to find out if they're recyclable nationwide, recyclable on a local level or not yet recyclable. This way you'll know which products you can avoid sending the landfill.

The environmental reasons to recycle are well known, but did you know a recycled materials economy means cheaper goods, too? Recycled packaging becomes new packaging, which is cheaper to produce than creating it from scratch. This helps lower costs for you at the store and keeps our landfills more manageable. By changing our views of what plastic packaging can be, we'll see it as a valuable commodity instead of trash.

For more information on How2Recycle and how you can help, please visit how2recycle.info

Think you know how to recycle? Think again.
How2Recycle makes it easy to understand recycling instructions for all types of plastic packaging — just look for the label.