Imagine exploring another world. One you can see, hear and even touch…but not one that’s natural, not in the traditional sense anyway.

BBC Earth and SEGA have announced they are to join forces to create a ground breaking multi-sensory experience; that will combine BBC Earth’s natural history expertise with the digital know-how of SEGA…in the real world, and give it directly to you!

As inspired pioneers of the entertainment experience, SEGA’s introduction to the world of natural history is sparking imaginations everywhere. How is it possible to fuse breathtaking scenes of natural history with recreational play? How will nature and technology fuse to bring you a completely unique multi-sensory experience unlike anything you’ve encountered before?

Marcus Arthur from BBC Worldwide declared:

“The experience will allow visitors to experience nature in ways that they’d be hard pressed to do in the real world. Our ambition is to give visitors a back stage pass to mother nature where they will get to find out what’s going on behind the scenes and see what it really takes to survive.”

Details of the experience are yet to be released in full. But over the next two years, the lucky people of Japan and the US will be invited to explore the 4,000 sqm of multi-level space which promises to introduce visitors to ‘mother nature supercharged’.

Until the time comes for doors to open to this mysterious natural world experience, we will keep you updated. But until then…think big! The natural world is coming to a city near you, and it won’t be what you expect.

This originally appeared on BBC Earth and was reprinted here with permission.

BBC Earth and SEGA partner to create an unforgettable interactive experience with mother nature
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