Ever wonder what happens to a billboard after it's been taken down? Assumed they just wound up in a landfill?

At CNN, the vinyl promotional campaigns are escaping the dump and finding new life as fashion accessories. The vinyl used for CNN's outdoor billboards is being recycled into tote bags as the company transitions to digital boards. The idea came about as CNN developed its outdoor marketing campaign for Planet in Peril; the company did not want to just discard the vinyl once the campaign was finished. An intern (who later landed a full-time staff position) suggested the idea to reuse the boards. 

As it turns out, the reuse idea is not only hip but financially feasible as well. Each billboard yields about 150 bags, depending on the size of the ad campaign and the condition of the vinyl after the sign has been displayed outdoors. So far, every billboard since the Planet campaign has been repurposed, totaling eight billboards to date. CNN plans to continue the project once the billboards for Black in America 2, Nancy Grace and Latino in America signs come down. Because the bags come from different sections of existing billboards, each one is totally unique.

The totes cost $19.95 each and are available in the Turner Store or via phone order at 404-878-5308.

CNN has a brand new bag
Yesterday's billboards make today's hot accessories with eco-friendly bag.