Some puppies, just like some humans, lose their lunch in trains, planes, and automobiles. Thankfully, the FDA just approved a new drug for motion sick dogs.

The medication is also good for pups that suffer from dehydration or other problems associated with severe vomiting. A press release issued by the FDA says:

“This approval is good news for many dog owners whose dogs suffer from motion sickness and for whom even a small journey can trigger vomiting," said Stephen Sundlof, D.V.M., Ph.D., director of FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine. "But it is even more important for cases in which vomiting -- whatever its cause -- can be a serious health hazard."

The medication, Cerenia, can be administered orally or with a shot.

We’re glad that dogs everywhere can stick their heads out of car windows and enjoy the fresh air. Roll down the window, Spot. There will be no more puking in the back seat.

Story by Susan Cosier. This article originally appeared in Plenty in March 2007. This story was added to in July 2009.

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Drug can prevent doggy motion sickness
In March 2007, the FDA approved a medication to help dogs who suffer from motion sickness. The drug also can help in cases of dehydration.