Ever seen a green condom? Introducing Luemmeltueten — the first completely climate-neutral condom. The German condom brand plans to achieve a net zero carbon footprint by compensating for the CO2 released in the condoms’ production process.

Here’s why and how: Luemmeltueten produces 5 million condoms per year plus 400 tons of CO2. About half of these emissions are offset by reforesting 2,200 square meters in a German forest near the condom factory. In South India, where the rubber is harvested in a Fair Deal Trading fashion, the plantation workers are given solar-powered cookers. Each cooker compensates for 500 kilograms of power in five years. To further its climate-friendly philosophy, the Lebenslust company uses green electricity, bicycle couriers (where possible) and energy-saving lamps.

If every one of the 8 to 10 billion condoms made around the world each year were produced under such environmentally friendly circumstances, about 800,000 tons of CO2 could be compensated.

Learn more details about the production methods and the product itself  on their site (in German).

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Simon Schmid writes for Condomunity.com where this article first appeared and was reprinted here with permission.

First climate-neutral condoms?
How a German condom brand is using solar-powered cookers in South India to make a green condom.