For its annual Popular Science Invention Awards, the editors at the Popular Science ask independent brainiacs to submit inventions for game-changing projects born in the basement, not in the academic or corporate lab. From the submissions, 10 are selected that “best represent the spirit of homegrown ingenuity and solve real-world problems in a practical, innovative way,” the call for entries states.

As Dave Moser, Projects Editor at the magazine says, “Popular Science is looking for inventions that haven’t actually reached the market yet, we’re looking for really scrappy, really innovative, kind of … garage inventors.”

This year’s winners don’t exactly fall into the “scrappy” category, but as far as innovation goes, they soar. The victors for 2013 include: Roy the Robot, a programmable animatronic robot kit; 3G, a spacesuit for space tourists; JamStick, a compact digital six-string guitar; and Alfa, a $30 bike fabricated from recycled packaging, bottles, and car parts.

See some of the inventions in action in the video below:

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Popular Science announces 10 best inventions
This year's awards go to a diverse group of prototypes, including a DIY animatronic robot kit, a tiny digital guitar and a cardboard bike.