Attention, irony fans! Have we got a news story for you. A group in Norway recently completed a survey about worldwide global warming awareness — and let’s just say, this survey’s irony cup runneth over. From a Reuters story about the survey:

People in Latin America were most worried while U.S. citizens were least concerned with just 42 percent rating global warming "very serious."

Interesting when you consider:

The United States emits about a quarter of all greenhouse gases, the biggest emitter ahead of China, Russia and India.

And the pièce de resistance:

Thirteen percent of U.S. citizens said they had never heard or read anything about global warming, the survey said.

Thirteen percent? Oy. We here at Plenty haven’t been this embarrassed by a survey since Family Feud switched hosts to that loud guy. (Um, not that we watch Family Feud regularly or anything …)

If you want to know more about what the survey uncovered, read on.

This article originally appeared in "Plenty" in January 2007.

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