Farewell Plenty, Hello Mother Nature Network.

If you've landed here, then it most likely means that you've arrived at the Mother Nature Network via PlentyMag.com.

Like you, we were saddened when Plenty folded in early 2009. Fortunately, the Mother Nature Network was able to partner with Plenty to keep some of the best of their website alive. Any time you land on one of these articles, you'll see Plenty magazine in the byline. If you'd like to read more Plenty articles, just click on the byline and you'll find every story published on MNN.

One last note: A number of former Plenty readers have written to ask specifically about their subscription to the print magazine. While we’ve arranged to carry over some of the content from prior issues of Plenty Magazine, the folks at Plenty expressly retained all rights and obligations relating to subscriptions, writer payments, external costs, etc. We appreciate and understand the frustration. We hope that we can offer — cost-free — much of the great content you came to expect from Plenty. Check out our homepage for the latest environmental and lifestyle news and if you like what yoy see, subscribe to MNN's newsletter, which brings you unconventional and lively content alongside breaking environmental news.

The editors at Mother Nature Network

Welcome PlentyMag.com readers
Content from "Plenty" magazine is available once again.