Plug-in vehicles save on gas prices and release zero emissions into the air.  With tax season just around the corner, you can also receive 10% back on taxes with the purchase of an electric vehicle. Jill Cordes explains. (Courtesy: Brighter Living)



Jill:  According to AAA, Americans are estimated to drive three trillion miles this year. With gas prices so high, for local errands, some people are parking their SUVs and driving NEVs. GEM, or Global Electric Motor Cars, is a subsidiary of Chrysler. They are real street-legal vehicles, drivable on any road with a speed limit of 35 mph or less. GEM has sold about 37,000 cars over 10 years.

Mike:  Well, the GEM is a true, plug-in, no-emission, all-electric vehicle and a cleaner-driving form of transportation.

Jill:  General Motors and Toyota are working hard on plug-in electric vehicles that could run for maybe 40 to 50 miles on a battery charge. That’s far enough to cover most American’s daily driving and help ease the pain at the pump. If getting an electric car isn't for you, you can still take positive steps in your daily driving routine by combining errands, taking public transportation, or even walking. You’ll cut down on pollution and save money while doing it. I’m Jill Cordes.


BRIGHTER LIVING: Electric cars
Brighter Living with Jill Cordes: NEV's are a great way to get around without emissions.