Geothermal power could help produce green energy for the United States in the future. Jill Cordes has the story.

(Courtesy: Brighter Living)



You may remember that back in July, Al Gore made a green challenge to all Americans to shift our entire electricity production to carbon-free wind, solar and geothermal power within ten years. To help meet that goal, many are looking underground to the Earth’s own heat for help. Geothermal energy is simply the heat from the Earth. We can use the steam in hot water produced underground to heat buildings or generate electricity. The United States is the leading producer of geothermal power, producing enough electricity for more than two million homes. Google announced it’ll invest $10 million in enhanced geothermal systems, and the US Department of Energy recently signed a partnership agreement with Australia and Iceland to actively promote cutting edge geothermal technologies to help tackle global climate change. These technologies are already being tested in California and Nevada. Experts say we could see 15 to 30 times as much geothermal power over the next few decades, thanks to recent advances in technology. So ask your local power company about this and other clean, renewable energy sources. I’m Jill Cordes.


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