Making cars, it turns out, was only the first step in to the robot takeover. Now they're coming for our pizzas.

Zume Pizza, a Mountain View, California, start-up, uses robots to squirt out sauce, spread said sauce and then place the pie into the ovens. Humans are applying cheese and prepping and topping the pizzas — for now, anyway. Julia Collins, the co-founder and CEO of Zume is already looking for a robot that can press and spread the dough and another robot that can add the cheese and toppings. So if you know any out-of-work robots with restaurant experience...

Humans aren't completely out of the business just yet. Someone has to deliver the pizzas, after all, and for now that's still a human's job. But Zume is even shaking up the delivery process, too. Instead of pizzas being fully baked and placed in a cardboard box which is then stored in an insulated (but never seemingly insulated enough) pizza bag until it arrives at your door, Zume does a partial bake of your ordered pie in the store. Then, the pie is loaded into a delivery truck-sized vehicle that carries 56 small ovens that continue baking pizza, turning off just as the truck arrives at the destination to deliver a piping-hot pizza.

To make the whole process even more efficient, Zume orders are placed via an app. Using data crunched from its customers' orders, Zume pre-prepares pizzas and has them ready to go just in time for football or a night of staying in and bingeing on Netflix. Basically, Zume and its robot pizza-makers know when you want a pizza before you've even picked up your phone.

Our robot overlords are now making pizzas
Zume Pizza is disrupting pizza delivery with robots making the pies that are then baked on the way to the customer.