We’re in a fierce horsepower race…with electric cars. Yes, apparently the Tesla Model S isn’t enough for some people — too slow. Enter the plug-in hypercars, with price tags that make the Model S look like a Yugo, and horsepower that Ferrari would envy.

The latest entrant is the appropriately weirdly named Toroidion 1MW, and it’s from Finland. Most of these cars are from places like that, so their pedigrees are completely unknown. Buyers who are asked to put down more than $1 million have to take a leap of faith.

Toroidion imw with gullwing doors open

Gullwing doors are standard on supercars like this. (Photo: Toroidion)

The Toroidion, with the requisite gullwing doors, claims 1,341 horsepower from four wheel motors, which is perhaps a reason to justify what CEO Pasi Pennanen says could be a price tag between $1.5 and $3.5 million. As a concept, it was introduced by Prince Albert II of Monaco at a car show there in April. The plan is to build 100 of them, with delivery in about two years “to drivers who appreciate Teslas and other electric vehicles,” as CNN put it. Right now there are only 15 employees. "The whole enterprise is light on details," says BBC Autos.

I have to say the Toroidion, whatever else it is, certainly scores as a styling exercise. But so do a number of other high-end electric prototypes. Here’s a brief roundup:

Rimac Concept One at the Formula E race

The Rimac Concept One takes a turn at the Formula E race. (Photo: Jim Motavalli)

Rimac Concept One. I wrote about the Rimac here. This one’s from Croatia, and was displayed at the recent Formula E electric car race in Miami. The Rimac is also totally cool looking, sports a lightweight carbon-fiber body, and boasts 1,088 horsepower from wheel motors. It’s capable of zero to 62 in 2.8 seconds and more than 200 mph. The price tag is just under $1 million.

the Renovo Coupe is a revival of the Shelby Daytona Coupe

The Renovo Coupe is a revival of the Shelby Daytona Coupe, electric with a fiberglass body. (Photo: Renovo)

Renovo Coupe. I wrote about the Renovo here. This one’s fiberglass-bodied and it’s from…hmmm, the U.S.A. On tap: 500 horsepower, from twin electric motors, 1,000 pound feet of torque, and a top speed of 120 mph. Sixty mph comes up in less than 3.4 seconds. The price is a bargain $500,000.

the Koenigsegg Regera plugs in

Yes, the Koenigsegg Regera plus in! It's following the Porsche 918 Spyder to riches. (Photo: Koenigsegg)

Koenigsegg Regera. Rimac makes some of the technology on this plug-in hybrid. An amazing 1,500 horsepower is promised. The Regera combines a twin-turbo five-liter V-8 with propulsion from three electric motors. If the zero to 249 mph time of less than 20 seconds is correct, this could be the fastest accelerating car on the plant. Bottom line: $1.89 million.

Of course, there are also mainstream versions of this car, including Porsche’s super-muscular 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 and Ferrari’s LaFerrari. The Porsche, I’m guessing, was something of a prototype for these cars, since it also has a green drivetrain and a stratospheric price, $845,000. It wasn’t lost on these startups that the 918 Spyder was an immediate sellout. Electric technology is green in more than one way.  Here's video of the Toroidion 1MW being unveiled in Monaco:

Research assistance by Maddie Horrigan.

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