The Onion nails it, yet again.

According to a recent Onion story, al-Qaeda is upset about the state of the U.S. infrastructure and asked for major repairs to be made so they can plan more attacks. Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri said "The al-Qaeda network is fully prepared to continue the jihad against the American infidels by launching deadly attacks, but your outdated and rusting transportation infrastructure needs to be completely overhauled for those strikes even to be noticed," al-Zawahiri said. "We want to turn your bridges into rubble, but if we claimed credit for making them collapse, nobody would ever believe us."

It's funny and terribly sad, all at once. We're letting our nation's roads, bridges, highways, and rails decay because we're spending trillions on two very stupid wars and because the Republicans decry any expenditure that doesn't either kill a foreigner or make a rich person richer.

Click over and give the Onion story a read.

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Al-Qaeda calls for infrastructure improvements before more attacks
The Onion reports on calls by al-Qaeda for the U.S. to improve their infrastructure before they can plan their next attack. Nailed it.