Six bicyclists, a guy riding the bus, and a dude on roller blades set out in a race against a guy flying a commercial flight from Burbank to Long Beach in California and won by a wide margin. They all left from the same intersection in North Hollywood at the same time — the air traveller had to drive to the airport an hour before the flight and then drive to the aquarium in Long Beach and the others had to make it to the same point using their mode of transportation.

The bicyclists came in first, getting to the aquarium before the air flight even took off. The metro rider came in second followed by the rollerblader and lastly, the air traveller.

There is obviously a place for air travel in our transportation matrix but I think it's a little silly to take a forty mile flight. This was a great way to show just how silly it is.

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Bicyclists beat airline traveler on 40-mile trip
Recently a group of bicyclists, a metro commuter, and a rollerblader raced an airplane. They won.