Casey Neistat got a ticket for riding his bike outside of a New York City bike lane, despite the fact that riding outside of a bike lane is not a ticketable offense. He then made this spot-on, very funny video.

I am car-free and do a lot of bike riding around my hometown of Portland, Maine. While it's obviously nothing like NYC, it does have its own share of badly designed bike lanes (and plenty of stretches with no bike lanes at all), so I can sympathize with Casey. In most cities and towns, bike lanes are an afterthought, built into roads as a grudging concession to modernity. They're not designed with the safety of bicyclists in mind. A bike lane should be a place where you can ride with your 8-year-old child and not worry about them getting doored or run over by an impatient and distracted driver.

Instead of that we get poorly placed bike lanes that get clogged with car traffic and construction debris (and police cars) and then riders get ticketed by ignorant cops for not what, plowing through it all? Maybe we're expected to jump over it. We'd probably get a ticket for that.

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Bike lanes can be dangerous places to ride
After New Yorker Casey Neistat was ticketed for riding his bike outside of a bicycle lane, he put his body on the line and created this daring protest video.