Just last week, I wrote about Los Angeles’s new bike corral, which took one car parking spot and turned it into 10 or so bicycle parking spots. Now, a new film from the out-of-the-car thinkers at Streetfilms shows a big-picture view of just how much more mileage cities can get by spending money on bicycle infrastructure instead of car infrastructure.

“You know, in 1993, we weren’t the bicycling capital of America,” says Portland Mayor Sam Adams. “Seventeen years later, for the equivalent cost of a single mile of freeway, we now have a bike infrastructure.”

The film — called “Moving Beyond the Automobile: Bicycling” — also features interviews from leaders in San Francisco and New York City who’ve embraced the two-wheeling way of life. Sadly, Los Angeles does not make an appearance — but perhaps it will be worthy of future Streetfilms videos when the city finishes installing the 30 more bike corrals it has planned. Watch, be inspired and bike!

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