Arizona is in the middle of yet another winter storm and that means photographers, both professionals and hobbyists like myself, flock to the outskirts of the city to take photos of snow-covered peaks with cacti in the foreground.  While heading up to take pictures of the Four Peaks Wilderness, I passed this camouflaged car parked on the side of the road.  I instantly knew that this was the new Cadillac ELR, the silly black and white paint job didn’t fool me.

I quickly turned around and was able to grab a photo before the pair testing the vehicle drove off.  I did manage to briefly speak with the two at the next pullout – friendly fellas out for an afternoon test drive.  

As I continued my drive towards the snow-covered Four Peaks I passed three other vehicles, each wrapped in a heavy black material.  We were driving in opposite directions but if I had to guess I’d say one vehicle was a Chevrolet Suburban and the other two were Chevy pickup trucks.

I have to admit, I was excited to see the ELR on the road, despite the crazy and distracting paint.  I first saw the vehicle when it was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show last month in Detroit.  The ELR is Cadillac’s iteration of the Chevrolet Volt; a sexier and sportier luxury coupe version.  As a lifelong car lover, there was no way that the paint job could have hidden the distinctive lines of the ELR.

Although there was no snow on the ground where this ELR was spotted, the vehicle has already shown its prowess in the snow.  Check out Michael Graham Richard’s article on Treehugger for a great video of the ELR having fun in the snow.

Camo Cadillac ELR out for a test drive
While out on a trip to photograph Arizona's latest winter storm, I came across this camouflaged Cadillac ELR.