For true car guys and gals, Christmas is just another season to celebrate their fabulous rides. I scoured the Internet for arresting images of seasonal cars, and here are a few, annotated for your viewing pleasure.

1948 tuckerThat's a 1948 Tucker. Only 51 of these 'safety cars' were made before big dreamer Preston Tucker closed his doors (claiming the government had it in for him). But you know that because you've seen the movie — and Jeff Bridges made a handsome Preston Tucker. (Photo: Wikipedia)

austin healey 3000That English bulldog seems right at home in a British Austin Healey 3000. This image adorned a 2009 Christmas card. (Photo: Mwms1916/Flickr)

A Christmas HondaChristmas cars are the perfect gift for the truly extravagant. Sometimes it's just the keys under the tree. (Photo: Dan Zen/flickr)

And speaking of gifts, we can't do this topic justice without addressing that perennial question: Who gets a car for Christmas? Check out these oh-migod-it's-a-car-for-the-holidays reactions.

Driving SantaImages of driving Santas have been with us since the horseless carriage was invented. For the updated version, see the video at the bottom of the post. (Photo: Snapshots of the Past/Flickr)

Santa and a MiniDoes Santa really drive a Mini? Not much room for presents, especially in the original 1960s version. (Photo: s3aphotography/Flickr)

snow sceneSentimental New England scenes often include an old flivver. Trains, too. (Photo: Stephen Rees/Flickr)

Messerschmitt and elvesThese elves are cruising in a rare German Messerschmitt. (Photo: Selena N.B.H./Flickr)

XAMS treeI could use an XAMS tree. (Photo: Doug Geisler/Flickr)

And the modern Santa has ditched his red sleigh in favor of a hipper ride. Mercedes-Benz reports:

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Dashing through the snow in Christmas cars
For true car guys and gals, Christmas is just another season to celebrate their fabulous rides.