The MEV Hummer HX is for the Hummer fanatic who cringes at the idea of single-digit miles per gallon. It is fully electric and gets about 60 miles to a charge. The body is smaller than a Mini but has the distinctly rugged lines of a Hummer. If anything, it carries the shape better than the larger form.

MEV acquired the exclusive rights to sell the electric Hummer HX, so everything on that front is legit. The Hummer line was shut down by General Motors in 2010, and MEV signed a deal with GM to produce the small electric version.

There are only three dealerships so far in Italy, Saudi Arabia, and London, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a U.S. dealership pop up soon. Greener celebrities will fall all over themselves to get one of these.

Here's the (overproduced) official promo video.

I think it's fitting that this is what the Hummer was reduced to.

Via Reddit

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Electric mini car: A fitting end for the Hummer
The Hummer brand will forever live on in the form of the MEV Hummer HX, a small, officially licensed electric version.