Stories about vintage Airstream travel trailers and instantly iconic Volkswagen camper vans have been popping up with some frequency here on MNN as of late. Generally, these stories, many of them video-based, aren't actually about the classic campers and caravans themselves — they're more concerned with how a new generation of admirers, keen on doing away with monthly rents and mortgages and channeling their inner-nomads, are taking up residence in RVs/vans/trailers for extended periods, even full-time (the whole trend of converting school buses-to-tiny houses is a whole other story).

Yep, you could say that living — or at least renting one out on Airbnb for the night — in a van down the river is hip.

In celebration of unmoored mobile living and the adventurous Millennials that are embracing it, British insurance company Towergate (yep, they insure touring caravans and the like) has published a mighty informative infographic detailing the unique histories of both the Airstream trailer and VW camper vans (specifically the Volkswagen Type 2 better known in the U.K. as the "Camper" and in the U.S. as the "Bus") along with their respective cultural impacts and roles in pop culture.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Hitting the road: VW camper van vs. Airstream trailer [Infographic]
No longer just for surfers and state park-touring geriatrics, these staples of the open road are being embraced by a new wanderlust-stricken generation.