Cyclist Kevin Selagea was sprinting down the road at a brisk 30 mph when the driver of a Honda CRV tucked in right behind him, with just a few feet separating the car's bumper and the bicycle wheel. Kevin didn't notice the dangerous drafter until he passed by a police officer who saw what was happening on the road.

The police lights flashed up and the tailgater was quickly pulled over. Watch this video to see how beautifully the police officer handled the situation.

A bit of warning about language: the police officer uses a couple of mild expletives at 1:35 to describe the driver of the car while a concerned bystander used a stronger swear at 2:44. Skip or mute if you're sensitive to that sort of thing.

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Instant justice: Cool cop tickets driver for tailgating cyclist
Watch as the driver of a car gets pulled over for tailgating a bicyclist by a police officer intent on protecting cyclists' rights.