Emma Way is not a smart person — and we should all be thankful for that.

Way recently took to her Twitter account (@EmmaWay20, now offline) to share this bit of news:

Emma Way Tweet

Her tweet escaped out of her small circle of 100 followers and was picked up by the local police department. They replied, via Twitter, with this:

Norwich Police response

As her tweet zipped around the Twittersphere, a local bicycling club confirmed that one of its members had been hit by a car driven by someone matching Way's description who had driven away. Toby Hockley, who says he was the one was riding the bicycle, contacted the police and set the wheels of justice in motion. Alex Oates, a cyclist living in the U.K., tweeted this:

Alex Oates tweet

This is exactly right. In this case, true justice isn't for Way to be howled at by the masses and thrown behind bars for years. This calls for restorative justice — she should make right the wrongs that she's done. First, take away her car and give her a bike so she can feel the road from a cyclist's point of view. Second, she should meet with Hockley and the local cycling club and ask for forgiveness and understanding. And finally, Way should spend the next few years giving presentations and speeches about the need for road safety and awareness for all who travel on it. She should talk to school groups, cycling groups and anyone else who will have her.

We have a long way to go in the world of bicycle road safety and shouldn't pass up the opportunity that events like this present. If we can change enough attitudes about how cars and bikes should share the road, making the physical and legislative changes to make biking safe for all will easily follow.

Via I Pay Road Tax & Reddit

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