Today is Bike to Work Day, and to mark this important holiday (which, as we all know, clogs streets with two-wheelers from Maine to California) we have the debut of Yes, if you’ve ever sweated in traffic, if you’ve ever wanted to climb out of your car and yell “I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore,” then here’s your site.

You can post lengthier comments at the site, sponsored by Transportation for America, and Twitter users whose rants are brief can tweet their bad commute experiences with the hashtag #mycommutesucks. You can also follow the campaign on Twitter itself at

Commuting is BORING, as this video makes amply clear:

My commute used to suck—it sometimes meant an hour of rush-hour I-95, inching forward, breathing in tailpipe bouquet, watching rubberneckers slow everything down—but now that I work at home the burden has been eased. Some of the posters at want to share their misery—“I leave my house in Baltimore at 7:10 a.m. to get to work in DC (44 miles away) by 9”—some are gloaters who telecommute, or walk and bike to work, and others are simply, well, irrational.

“I don’t understand why we have HOV lanes that only a very small percentage can use,” says Guest. “They take tax dollars from all of us to pay for them. And then, because no one I work with lives near me, I have to sit in traffic along with thousands of other cars burning fuel. Opening up the HOV lane for general use would ease traffic congestion for EVERYONE and cut down on the gas and pollution caused by having so many cars sitting at a standstill.”

How could that possibly make sense? As soon as the HOV lanes were opened up, they’d fill with traffic and the advantage of owning an EV or using a carpool would completely disappear.

But the whole idea is to let people vent. And at they certainly do!

Jim Motavalli ( @jmotavalli ) writes about cars, technology and the environmental world to anyone curious enough to ask.

My Commute Documenting how we drive ourselves crazy
Launched on national Bike to Work Day, touches a mad-as-hell exposed nerve.