The world would be a better place if more people rode bikes instead of driving cars. For that to really happen, we need to provide more bike riders with things like separate bike lanes that eliminate the possibility of riders being struck by vehicles, longer and more densely connected networks of paths, and better parking facilities. My buddy Michael Graham Richard over at Treehugger turned up a great video that explains why it's a good idea to convert on-street automobile parking spaces into bicycle parking. Instead of the space holding the vehicle of at most a few people, it can accommodate three or four times as many bike riders. It serves the dual purpose of getting locked up bikes off the sidewalk and is a cheap and easy conversion for cities to make.


We need more of this kind of thinking everywhere.


Check it out:


Making Streets Safer With On-Street Bike Parking from Streetfilms on Vimeo.



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New York City installing more street-side bicycle parking
Some neighborhoods in NYC are seeing the installation of street-side bike parking as the Big Apple slowly crawls towards a more bicycle-friendly future.