The four classy gentlemen cyclists pictured in this 1898 photo took advantage of a scenic lookout alongside a mountain road to frame this awesome photograph set against a beautiful valley cutting through mountains in Norway. It's kind of remarkable how the basic form of a bicycle hasn't changed all that much in the past 114 years. Sure, today's bikes are more advanced by orders of magnitude than the ones in the photo, but the basic form of the bicycle is the same — two wheels on a triangular frame steered by handlebars and powered by pedals connected to the back wheel by a chain.

While precursors to the bicycle were invented as early as 1817, the first modern bike was produced in Coventry, England in the mid-1880s, just a decade or so before the four gentlemen in this photo set out on a ride through the mountains of Norway.


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Out for a bike ride in the mountains of Norway in 1898
Today's spandex-clad cyclists don't have anything on the four dapper gentlemen riders pictured in this 1898 photograph.