How would you like to drive a Tesla today? You can — for $25 an hour, or $300 a day — so long as you’re in the San Francisco area, have a clean driving record, and are at least 30 years old.

That electric deal comes courtesy of Getaround, a new car-sharing service I mentioned last September. Unlike Zipcar or LAXCarShare, Getaround lets people share their own cars with their neighbors. And one Tesla owner who goes by Jessica Catherine — according to autobloggreen, Jessica Catherine is actually Jessica Scorpio, a co-founder of Getaround — is willing to lend out her 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport to would-be car sharers!

I got the news via an e-mail from Getaround because I signed up to be one of the beta testers when I first heard about the company. While the Tesla's availability schedule is wide open right now, I'm in Southern California — and the service hasn’t launched in Los Angeles yet.

But if you’re up in San Francisco and want to try driving a mean, green sportscar, start car-sharing with Getaround for the electric opportunity.

Rent a Tesla for $25 an hour
If you're a San Francisco resident, 30+ years old, and have a clean driving record, you can rent a Tesla for $25 an hour through Getaround.