The Roll Over America Tour is a group of cyclists riding across the country from Portland, Oregon to Washington, DC in velomobiles, enclosed bicycles that are almost as much car as they are bike. Forty seven European cyclists set out from Portland on July 29th and plan on rolling into Washington, DC at the end of August. They are covering as much as 166 miles a day and will be staying in campgrounds along the way.

Their route takes through Montana and the Dakotas before swinging through Chicago, through Ohio and Pennsylvania, and to Washington, DC through Maryland.

It sounds wonderful. I would love to spend five or six weeks pedaling from coast to coast. Velomobiles are the next electric bike. Electric velomobiles are the next velomobile.

Swing over to the Roll Over America site to read more.

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Roll Over America storming the streets with velomobiles
A group of velomobile riders are riding across the country this summer in their bike/car mashups.