This post was a guest contribution by Sebastian Blanco, editor in chief of AutoblogGreen.

It may not strike everyone's fancy, but the ArtegaSE is a vehicle I think deserves a closer look. Starting life as a standard (so to speak) Artega GT, the all-electric SE is a lightweight little monster that can hit 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds. Of course, the Tesla Roadster Sport nails that number in well under four seconds, but we'd still like to see these two go head-to-head on the quarter-mile. After all, the ArtegaSE's top speed is 155 mph vs. the Roadster's 125.
Sadly, the video only shows the car in the stationary position. Thankfully, it does include some lingering shots of the vehicle details, like the open view of the suspension and the charge cord plugging in. We hope to see some action shots as soon as possible.

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Sleek ArtegaSE electric roadster shown to the world in Geneva
On style or speed, could it give the Tesla Roadster a run for its money?