EVELO electric bikes (you might remember the company's Trans American Electric Bike Tour from last year) is holding a cool event during the month of May: the company is lending out electric bikes to people all over the country and challenging them to avoid using their car for 30 days. Those people will be asked to use only their e-bikes, car sharing, and public transportation to get around for the full term of the 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge.

If you live in one of the cities where EVELO will be drawing participants from — New York City; Boston; San Francisco; Seattle; Austin; Philadelphia; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Miami; or Minneapolis — and think you are up for the challenge, click over to EVELO's site and put in your application. And even if you are not in one of those cities and want to join, you can still click over and apply. (They're looking to add more cities before the kick-off, so your application could bring their attention to your town.)

You can follow along on the Challenge blog and read about the bikes that EVELO will be sending out to the challenge-takers. Once the Challenge is in full swing, you'll be able to see how everyone is doing on their Leaderboard, which will track the total number of miles cycled, money saved, and pounds lost.

I love it!

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The 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge is calling: Get out of your car and onto an e-bike
Apply to the 30-Day Electric Bike Challenge and you could be selected to receive an e-bike for a month in exchange for swearing off the use of your car.