Dan Rather drives a Jeep, though he says his next car is likely to be a hybrid. Why? Dan Rather Reports, the in-depth investigative series he hosts on HDNet, is working on an hour-long show about EVs, and he had me and my frequent sparring partner, Matt DeBord of Slate, on to talk about our visions for the automotive future. The segment will air in August, after which it can be downloaded on HDNet or from the iTunes Store.

In a change of pace, I used my trusty Flip camera to interview Rather about how his views on cars have changed. Here’s what he had to say:


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Video: Dan Rather sees EVs in our future
The veteran anchorman and <i>60 Minutes</i> host hosted me and frequent sparring partner Matt DeBord (car blogger for <i>Slate</i>) on his HDNet program. And th