While carpooling can be great for the environment, as Jane Lynch experiences in a hilarious new clip from FunnyorDie.com, it can also be mentally challenging.

The bit stars Lynch as the passenger in fellow "Glee" co-star Matthew Morrison's vehicle. Things start off innocently enough, with both taking pride in their decision to travel green, but after Morrison decides to "warm up" by turning on the radio, the horror begins. 

From "Faith" to "Nookie" to "Wild, Wild West," Morrison proves that while carpooling is a great option for many people, you should always choose your travel mates carefully. After he starts singing the traffic report, Lynch finally loses it, screaming, "Why do you have to sing everything like you just swallowed a pair of jazz hands?! You are a grown man in a 2003 cherry red Beetle singing Disney ballads!"

Check out the clip below: 

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