Chrysler declared bankruptcy yesterday, casting a pall over all its operations — anybody wanna buy a used Sebring? Even with multiple assurances that the onetime auto giant is not going out of business, consumers are nervous. The company has been turning green lately, with its ENVI division creating no fewer than five prototype electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, ranging from sports cars to minivans. A clutch of electric Town & Country vans have been delivered to the U.S. Post Office, but it may be a while before other EVs roll off assembly lines — production is currently frozen by order of the bankruptcy court.

I think Chrysler will come back from the brink, and I'm intrigued by some of its prototypes, which show environmental innovation the company hasn't put into many of its actual production models. Here's a video from the New York Auto Show showcasing some of Chrysler's green cars — EVs that will give it a future instead of just a past:

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Video: Saving Chrysler with green cars
Chrysler has declared bankruptcy, and if it's going to recover its future depends on innovative clean car technology. See the new vehicles in this exclusive vid