Just bought a bright red Ferrari and think that it will be a babe magnet? Think again. You would have been better off buying a Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf.

A new British survey finds that although 48 percent of men think buying an expensive car “made them more attractive to the opposite sex,” the opposite is true. Some 53 percent of women in a poll of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom labeled the owners of expensive sports cars as “arrogant.” Another 44 percent found them “self-centered,” and 38 percent described them as “a danger on the roads.”

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The Prius and Leaf owners were labeled “conscientious,” “intelligent” and “safe” drivers. That would make the guy in the photo above a total pin-up, right? Even the male respondents went thumbs-down on macho SUVs: 34 percent said they were mean-spirited. And 29 percent of women condemned the 4X4 crowd as “rude.”

A Synovate survey from 2009 showed that six of 10 would "choose to buy a green car over a dream car, even if money was no object." Some 37 percent said that the environmentally friendly vehicle would be their first choice, versus the dream car (with thumbs-up from just 30 percent).

Supercar buyers are overwhelmingly male. Last year, men were buying 92 percent of all Ferraris, 83.4 percent of all Bentleys, 82.8 percent of Maseratis and 76.5 percent of Porsches. Men disproportionately buy the SUVs and pickup trucks, too. According to Jesse Toprak, vice president of market intelligence at TrueCar.com, “The SUV and truck-heavy mix of the domestic automakers continue to generate a disproportionate number of male customers, while the exotic brands remain to be the best medicine for a midlife crisis.”

Another poll found women were heavily geared to safety in their car choices. According to Diana Duque-Miranda, senior manager for Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence, “More women are attracted to Volvo than male shoppers, and more likely to consider Asian manufacturers like Honda, Acura and Nissan that are traditionally known for high safety ratings. KBB.com research shows 76 percent of women look for safety features in their next new-vehicle purchase compared to 61 percent of men.”

Women’s top brands in that 2013 survey, in descending order, were: Volvo, Infiniti, Fiat, Acura, Mitsubishi, Honda, Dodge, Kia, Mazda. Very few macho-mobiles or supercars in that lineup.

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Women go for men with green cars, survey finds
New survey shows women like men who drive green cars — and that they find supercar drivers "arrogant."