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10 airliners with creative paint jobs

By: Josh Lew on Sept. 16, 2015, 3:37 p.m.
A Hawaiian Airlines plane with the pualani logo on its tail

Photo: ERIC SALARD/flickr

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Hawaiian Airlines' pualani logo

Hawaiian Airlines has one of the most recognizable tail portraits in the industry. It features a native Hawaiian woman with a large flower in her hair. This has become known as the "pualani" logo or "the flower of the sky." The picture of a woman with a large flower in her hair was introduced in 1973 and was updated to its current appearance in 2001.

Hawaiians employees were asked for input in designing the new logo. They voted to reject a complete redesign and instead opted to update the pualani theme. There's a rumor that a former Miss Hawaii from the 1970s was the model for the original logo and the inspiration for the updated version.