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10 bike-friendly cities around the globe

By: Josh Lew on March 21, 2013, 2:46 p.m.
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

More than half of all the trips taken in central Amsterdam are on bicycles. With more than 250 miles of urban bicycle paths, many tourists are tempted to join the locals and see the city's sights from a bike saddle, even if they don't usually ride when at home.

Why do bikes rule in this city? Cycle paths often offer the quickest route between two attractions. Car parking fees are expensive in downtown Amsterdam and many streets are one way or completely off-limits to motorized traffic, so cycling is not only green, it’s the most convenient option for getting around.

Since so many tourists opt for bike-powered sightseeing excursions, a high number of shops in Amsterdam rent bikes specifically to visitors and are ready to provide route information and a crash course in the city's cycling rules.