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10 bike-friendly cities around the globe

By: Josh Lew on March 21, 2013, 2:46 p.m.
2 people on tandem bike in front of an old building

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Where bicycles rule

Many people seek out public transportation when they visit a city. Trains and buses can significantly lower a traveler’s carbon footprint — and so can walking. But what about bicycles? Most urban areas have some sort of bike scene, but dangerous roads and lots of car traffic (not to mention aggressive drivers) can make it hazardous to undertake a pedal-powered sightseeing tour.

But cycling in a few select metropolises is safe and easy because of infrastructure that includes bike lanes, dedicated cycle paths, and drivers who are generally more willing to share the road. If you want a bicycle to be a part of your next vacation, these pedal-friendly cities should be on your list. (Text: Josh Lew)