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7 modern solar-powered vehicles

By: Bryan Nelson on July 29, 2013, 5:01 p.m.
Xof1 solar car driving around Chicago

Photo: Mark/Flickr

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Sunny day for a drive

Imagine never having to fill your fuel tank again. With the cost of gas these days, that may sound like wishful thinking. But as solar technology becomes more advanced, that dream could soon become a reality.

In fact, vehicles that run entirely on solar power are nothing new; the first solar vehicles were built in the 1950s. Those early models weren't very practical, but modern designs have made impressive progress.

Solar milestones have been made for just about every form of transportation that you can imagine. There are solar cars, of course, but there are also solar buses, trains, boats, and even a solar helicopter. Here's our rundown of seven modern solar-powered vehicles. (Text: Bryan Nelson)