Last week, MNN's resident car expert Jim Motavalli brought you a great review of the all electric Rolls-Royce 102EX. He quoted me in the piece, and that's because we went on a ride-along together to check out the car. (Jim is a font of information on all things car, especially alternatives like hybrid and electric engines.)


My only qualifications are that I love to drive and (maybe even more) I love to ask questions. I was excited to add a Rolls to my life list of cars driven, and it was a surprisingly enjoyable driving experience, even though it did feel similar in size to driving a minivan full of my friend's kids (which I did the next day), though it had a lot more pickup and power. With 800 Nm of torque (compared to the gas-powered Phantom's 720), there's plenty of energy (in the form of lithium-ion batteries) to move the heavy vehicle, which can go 0-60 in fewer than 8 seconds.


Outside the driving experience, I loved the vegetable tanned leather seats and shiny (not matte) buttons and levers, which never seemed to get fingerprinty. And just like its sister car, the Phantom, it has a champagne cooler in between the back seats. 


Check out the video below for more details from Jim and Rolls-Royce product manager Emily Dungey. To read about all the details and specs, check out Jim's full review here.


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A joyride in the all-electric Rolls-Royce 102EX
A video ride-along of the experimental luxury car shows that besides a quieter ride, the electric motor doesn't make much of a difference in drivability.