This may come as a surprise to some, but AT&T operates one of the largest vehicle fleets in the country. Which is why it’s reassuring to know that the company is diligently working on their commitment to deploy 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles over the course of a ten-year period starting in 2008.

And they seem to be right on target, five years into the effort and they’ve hit the halfway mark with the introduction of the 7,500th vehicle – a 2013 compressed natural gas (CNG) Chevy Express van – that was delivered to a technician in Lenexa, Kansas.

All together, the company plans to deploy up to 8,000 CNG vehicles to its fleet making it the largest U.S. corporate commitment to CNG to date. They have around 2,500 more CNG vehicles to go.

Along with the CNGs, the fleet thus far includes 1,996 hybrid electrics, 27 extended range electric and three all-electric vehicles. The company says that the deployment of alternative fuel vehicles has already enabled AT&T to avoid the purchase of 7.7 million gallons of gasoline.

“With the help and support of community leaders all over the country, we’ve reached this major milestone and brought thousands of alternative fuel vehicles to U.S. roads,” said Jerome Webber, vice president, AT&T Global Fleet Operations. “This is more than just an arbitrary number. These 7,500 vehicles represent reduced emissions, improved fuel efficiency and reduced operational costs. They illustrate our company-wide commitment to sustainability in the communities where we live, work, and play.”

The remaining contributions to the fleet beyond early 2014 will primarily consist of alternative fuel passenger vehicles including hybrid electric and plug-in extended range electric vehicles.

Mark Smith of the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program, says of AT&T’s program, “Ultimately this gets back to improving our country’s economic, environmental and energy security.”

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