Over the past week, President Obama has repeatedly discussed the importance of reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. These discussions led up to the announcement of the Department of Energy National Clean Fleet Partnership.

At the same time the new partnership was being announced, AT&T, one of the National Clean Fleet Partnership’s charter members, had a clean fleet announcement of its own. AT&T avoided purchasing 1 million gallons of petroleum-based fuel in 2010 thanks to its growing clean fleet.

“Avoiding the purchase of 1 million gallons of petroleum fuel is a significant milestone for AT&T in our quest to reduce our dependence on imported of oil,” said Jerome Webber, vice president of AT&T Global Fleet Operations. “Our investment in more fuel-efficient vehicles helps minimize our impact on the environment, delivers bottom-line benefits to our company and helps to spur job growth in the domestic clean energy sector.”  Source: AT&T

AT&T’s green fleet goal was announced in March 2009. Ultimately, the company plans to have 15,000 alternative fuel vehicles in use by 2019. Although AT&T has several years left, the company is already well on its way towards meeting this goal.

As of March 2011, AT&T’s clean fleet includes more than 3,500 alternative fuel vehicles, 2,400 of which are running on CNG. AT&T’s clean fleet vehicles are deployed in 543 cities in 35 states and the District of Columbia.

AT&T reaches another clean fleet milestone
AT&T's growing clean fleet allowed the company to avoid purchasing one million gallons of petroleum-based fuel in 2010.