AT&T’s corporate fleet is getting greener by the day. The telecommunications company recently celebrated two new green fleet milestones – the deployment of its 2,000th alternative fuel vehicle and the 1,500th compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle. This puts AT&T even closer to its goal of replacing 15,000 corporate vehicles with alternative fuel models by 2018.

The company’s green fleet goals were announced in March 2009 and ultimately AT&T plans to expand its alternatives fuel vehicle fleet to 7,100 vehicles over the next eight years and add 6,500 additional CNG powered vehicles during the same time period.

"The deployment of our 2,000th alternative fuel vehicle is a significant milestone in an ongoing effort to reduce our dependence on foreign oil," said Jerome Webber, vice president, AT&T Fleet Operations. "To continue making progress, we are working with our suppliers and local municipalities to encourage the expansion of support infrastructure, which would allow the introduction of more fuel efficient vehicles in communities around the U.S.” Source: AT&T

The greening of AT&T’s corporate fleet will save 49 million gallons of gasoline and reduce carbon emissions by 211,000 metric tons. AT&T is just one of the many companies that are focused on creating a greener corporate fleet. Green fleets are one way that companies can make a big impact on their carbon footprint and a campaign from the Environmental Defense Fund is helping in these efforts.

The Five-Step Green Fleet Framework provides guidance for companies that are working on building a greener fleet. One of the five steps is improving vehicle selection and AT&T’s commitment to both alternative fuel and CNG vehicles is a solid example of how a company can make better choices when determining which vehicles to add to their corporate fleet.

AT&T reaches new green fleet milestones
AT&T deploys its 2,000th alternative fuel vehicle and 1,500th CNG vehicle.