On Friday, Matt and Becky Walton of Ventura County, California, received the first Honda Fit EV delivery. The couple was chosen to receive the first vehicle because they were the first to register for the Fit EV lease on Honda’s website. With a fuel efficiency rating of 118 MPGe, this is the most fuel-efficient vehicle available in the United States.


"It's truly an honor to take delivery of the first Honda Fit EV and participate in the advancement of all-electric vehicles in the real world," said Matt Walton. "The Honda Fit EV is not only a sustainable and energy efficient transportation option with the highest fuel-efficiency rating of any EV, but it has the added bonus of being fun-to-drive and can fully recharge from empty in less than three hours."


With 189 pound-foots of torque, more than the sporty Honda Civic Si Coupe, the Honda Fit EV is certainly fun to drive. The 20 kWh lithium-ion battery provides drivers with an estimated 82-mile driving range.


The Honda Fit EV can be recharged in less than three hours using a 240-volt circuit. Vehicle charging can be controlled and monitored through the HondaLink EV app. In addition to managing the vehicle’s recharging, the app also allows owners to precool or preheat the cabin using power from the grid instead of the vehicle’s battery.


Currently the Honda Fit EV is available as a lease-only option in select markets in California and Oregon. Honda plans to expand the program to East Coast markets in 2013.


California couple receives first Honda Fit EV
The Honda Fit EV is now available in select markets in California and Oregon.